Request Form for IT Department Moves

This form is used to request any type IT Move, ranging from workstations moving within the same department or office, to a series of moves involving multiple departments and buildings.

If your IT Move involves moving workstations within the same office, or less than three workstations where Physical Plant does not need to be notified, you still need to fill out the form below so that we are notified and a ticket can be generated.  

Please make sure the property manager is aware of the computers moving and transferred to the new location in Workday.  

It is recommended you contact ITS for all computer moves to ensure equipment is set up properly.  If you decide to move IT equipment within your department, ITS cannot ensure a timely response in the event of damaged or misconfigured equipment.

Please read the complete IT Department Move document in the link here for full instructions and information before submitting this form.

Department Coordinator/Requestor for IT Move*
Requested Date/Time For the Move
Type of Move*
Are More Than Three Computers Moving?*
Do any office desks have metal bracket arms for computer monitors, and/or adjustable height furniture for any of the workstations to be moved?*
Staff / Faculty Name Who Is Moving - Current Building/Office Location - Future Building Office Location
Are Phones Moving or Relocating in the Move?*

Please fill out the Phone/Voice Services Form for any phone moves, new phone requests, and staff office/department location changes Here (right click and open the link in a new tab so this form does not close)

Will Movers Be Involved? (Physical Plant Coordination)*
Has Physical Plant Been Contacted to Schedule Movers?
Attach Excel File With Move Information. See the Document Linked Above in the IT Moves Document for Instructions
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Main contact email who will provide the names and office information for the move
Administrator Authorizing Move/CC'd on the Move Ticket

Fill out the information above to generate a work order ticket  Please read the IT Move document in full (linked above).   Create a move worksheet in Excel to list the information requested for moves greater than three workstations.  Use an approximation of 1 business day per workstation as a guideline for prior notice for ITS, Infrastructure and/or Physical Plant to complete your move in a timely fashion.   

If there are any questions as to how to fill out fields in the Excel sheet or questions as to the IT Move document, please contact ITS Help Desk with your ticket number and we can assist.