Dream Big Document 

CAS Strategic Planning 2023-2028

As we continue our CAS Strategic Planning Process this Fall, the Strategic Planning committee is asking for your feedback on Key Performance Indicators that would measure progress. Please consider the draft strategic plan as you provide feedback on the following questions:

Year One

  • What are the needs of your department/program(s) that are achievable in year one?
  • Why are these needs important?
  • How do these needs align with at least two of the four strategic initiatives and the overarching themes?

Years 2-5

  • How would fulfillment of your year one needs grow your department and programming over the next 2-5 years? Think in terms of curriculum, strategic hiring, programming and community events.
  • What steps would you be able to take toward that growth?
  • How would this growth serve [at least two of?] the strategic initiatives and the overarching themes?