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Temporary Export of Personally-Owned Items, Technology* and Software controlled by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

This form is provided for your personal use and does not need to be submitted with the Export Control Screening for International Travel. It may be used to document the temporary export of and use of personally-owned items, commodities, technology, or software for personal use while abroad, including the export of laptops, smart phones, other electronic media storage devices, general technology, and software. The form is provided for the convenience of travelers and to assist travelers in customs clearance at the time of departure from or return to the U.S.

Read the following information about the BAG exemption, complete all blank fields, and sign the certification. Keep one copy in your personal files and print one copy to carry with your luggage to present to Customs if requested or in the event of a search. NOTE: this form is unlikely to satisfy foreign customs requirements for importation reviews, including claiming any exception to foreign tariff and/or duty payment obligations.

Traveler's Name*

Regardless of your mode of travel, once you leave the U.S. all items that travel with you are considered “exports” from the U.S. and are subject to U.S. export regulations. Travelers are personally responsible for ensuring the items and data they are traveling with are legally exported to their travel destination with the necessary exemption certificate(s) or license(s) for the item(s).

Items Eligible for BAG Exception

(15 CFR 740.14)

Items NOT Eligible for BAG Exception

Laptops, tablets, smart-phones,and other electronic storage media, commercial encryption commodities, technology and software for personal use while traveling abroad.

Items, technology, data, or software designed for military or dual-use purposes (ITAR items). Satellite or space-related equipment, components, or software; or technology associated with high-level encryption products; technology intended to be used for foreign production purposes or for technical assistance; or non-personally-owned items (e.g., FGCU-owned).

Country/Countries Visiting

This documentation and information is provided to certify that I am hand-carrying the following personally-owned items, commodities, technology*, or software for personal use while abroad, in accordance with BAG License Exception (15 CFR 740.14) to the country/countries listed below.

* “technology” is not necessarily limited to the device on which information, specifications, technical data, or instructions that pertain to any item or software described on the CCL or USML is stored. It includes (1) the specific information necessary for the operation, installation maintenance, repair, refurbishing, etc. of items on the on the CCL or USML; (2) technical data such as blueprints, plans, diagrams, models, formulae, tables, engineering designs and specifications, manuals; and (3) technical assistance such as instruction, skills, training, working knowledge, consulting services, etc.

Personally-owned Equipment, Technology, Software Traveling With You

List all personally-owned equipment you are taking on your trip. Include laptops, tablets, data storage devices, GPS', sensors, scanners, smartphone, software, scientific instruments, etc. Complete a Temporary BAG License Exception Certification for personally owned equipment you are taking on your trip. Exclude general commercial software like Windows and Apple's IOS smart phones, iPads, laptops, etc. on this form. Be as specific as possible in your description so a determination can be made on whether an export license would be required to take the item on your trip.

Number of personally-owned equipment you are taking on your trip *
If taking more than 10 items, upload a file listing the General Name (Brand, Model, Title, etc), Identifying Information (Barcode, Serial #, UPC, etc.), and Detailed description for each item
Upload a file listing the General Name (Brand, Model, Title, etc), Identifying Information (Barcode, Serial #, UPC, etc.), and Detailed description for each item.*
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File formats accepted: pdf, doc, docx, txt, csv, xls, xlsx


My signature on this BAG certification certifies the above statements are correct and that ...

I understand this form is only for items, technology* or software, listed above, owned by myself or a member of my family which I am taking on this trip. and FGCU-owned items, technology or software I am taking on this trip are listed in the TMP for this trip.*
I will take security precautions to protect against the unauthorized release of the technology while the technology is being shipped or transmitted and used abroad such as: a. use of secure connections when accessing e-mail and other business activities that involve the transmission and use of the technology, b. use of password systems on electronic devices that store technology, and c. use of personal fire walls on electronic devices that store the technology.*
The items, technology, or software are intended for necessary and appropriate personal use only.*
I will not ship the items, technology, or software as unaccompanied baggage unless otherwise authorized under 15 CFR 740.14.*
I will return the items, technology, and/or software to the U.S.*
I will keep the items, equipment, technology, or software under my “effective control” while abroad (i.e., retaining physical possession of or keeping secured in a place such as a hotel safe, a bonded warehouse, or a locked or guarded exhibition facility).*
While outside the U.S., I will promptly report all instances where unauthorized access to FGCU data, technology or software is suspected to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies Research Compliance Coordinator (RCC).*

Important Notes


  • When leaving or entering the United States electronic devices may be subject to search by the Department of Homeland Security and you may be requested to disclose your passwords or encryption keys.

  • Many governments have regulations that permit the seizure of a traveler's computer and electronics to review its disclosure of passwords or encryption keys. Comply with any requests from a border official to log in to your laptop or mobile device. Note that there is a risk devices may be compromised even when electronics are not seized and searched.

  • If your device is seized by a foreign agency, obtain a contact name, phone number and written documentation that the device was seized.

  • Contact the local U.S. embassy or consulate for advice on resolution in the local country.

  • Keep this signed BAG Certification with you during your travel.

  • Retain this BAG Certification in your records for five years after

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