Incomplete (I) grade Agreement

Incomplete (I) grade. A student who is passing a course but who has not completed all of the required coursework by the end of the term may, with the permission of the instructor, be assigned a grade of I. An incomplete (I) grade cannot be assigned to a course if the student fails to attend the course, drops the course after the drop/add period, or withdraws from the university. To initiate consideration for a grade of I, a student must contact the instructor before grades are reported. Should a professor decide to assign the grade, both the student and the professor must complete and retain a copy of an Incomplete Grade Agreement Form. The maximum amount of time to complete coursework to remove a grade of I is one year from the ending date of the semester for which the grade was assigned or graduation.  After one year, a grade of I will be changed to an F if the instructor has reported no grade. A student may not re-register for a course in which he or she currently has an incomplete (I) grade. Once an incomplete (I) grade has converted to a failing grade (F), the grade may not be converted back to an incomplete (I) grade or to a regular grade.

Incomplete Grade Agreement: (Please outline all requirements for successful completion of the above course and the completion date. Use additional pages if necessary.)

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