Return to the Nest Incentive Award

FGCU wants to support current and former Eagles who may need financial support to clear previous balances owed to the university, to enable students to return, or to cross the finish line. The university recognizes that students sometimes experience barriers beyond their control. FGCU wants to provide an option for Eagles to remove a financial barrier.

  • Incentive Award amounts may vary. 
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit a FAFSA and the FGCU Foundation Scholarship Application to maximize financial support opportunities moving forward.
  • All applicants should complete the Incentive Award application in its entirety and should include a personal statement. 
  • Students who owe a fee balance will be prioritized over students who owe unpaid tuition. 

Recipients of incentive award dollars will be expected to answer periodic surveys regarding their return to FGCU.

Current Address*
Purpose for returning*
Please share why this award will support you, as you clear your previously owed balance with FGCU. Will you Return to the Nest? What commitment can you make to remain in good financial standing moving forward?
I understand that in receiving funds, I agree to answer periodic surveys regarding my return to FGCU.*
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